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Friday, September 23, 2005

Religious Head Start

Found out about this one via Witchvox. Apparently the House of Reps passed a bill allowing Churches and religious groups -who already recieve funding front the governement's Head Start program for preschool education of poor kids- that would allow them to hire based on religious preferences.

Now I'm not a Christan-bashing type, and I will probably rile-up more than a few in the pagan community when I say, 'so what'?

Consider this, if you are already sending your child to a school run by a religious organization, wouldn't you expect a little religion there? Are 4-5 year olds suddenly going to burn down the altar because they got a little Christianity at preschool? Is the worst thing that can happen to a Pagan parent is having a child convert to Christianity? BTW, how many Pagan parents send their kids to a church (other than UU) for anything, including preschool?

I hazard to say no. While Christians and Catholics may soon be allowed to hire Christians and Catholics (if this bill passes the Senate and the President), they still have to follow a curriculum, and that curriculum, since it is still a government-funded program, is being guided and approved by the government. So are there now plans to indoctrinate little Billy to grow up a bad, nasty neo-con Christian? Nope.