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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Iran's Nuclear Ambitions, Pagans, and Asshattery

This story come over the wire today concerning the latest episode that may turn into a global soap-opera, that is, the determination by Iran to gain nuclear technology, which they insist is only for energy production. Iran has also said that they are willing to share their knowledge with other Islamic states, and that opposition against Iran would "Cost them dearly". Gee, for a bunch of guys only interested in nuclear energy they're doing an awful lot of sabre-rattling aren't they?

Enter the pagan left. On a message board, pagans state that Iran has just as much of a "right" to nuclear technology as anyone else. Excuse me? Since when was the power to destroy cities something that terrorist-funding theocratic states is entitled to? Do these people think that there is no threat? They might as well hand out handguns to 2 year olds since it is something the Constitution says everyone has a right to.

So thus is the asshattery that can be accurately defined as "Sacrificing sanity for the sake of consistency. " All things being equal, everyone should be able to operate nuclear technology peaceably; but all things are not equal.