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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Illegal immigrants now outnumber legal ones

Whatever happened to following the law, coming through Ellis Island, and trying to become a citizen? I understand immigration is the foundation of our country, but not this kind.

“The Pew report is yet another indicator that the immigration system is
broken,” said a statement by John Cornyn, chairman of the Senate’s Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship Subcommittee. “Immigration reform must be comprehensive and address both enforcement and improved avenues for legal immigration."

Amen to that. Does no one think that this is a huge national security risk? Aside from the flood of illegals, what do such lax border patrols say to any terrorist looking for a way into the country? While I agree that legal immigration is probably more complicated and costly than it needs to be right now, that doesn't mean that anyone who wants to come here should just hoof it over the border.