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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Feminists on the March in Europe

Check this out, Austria's Minister for Women's Affairs wants male references removed from national anthem:

IN A move that spells trouble for half of Europe's national anthems, Austria's Minister for Women’s Affairs has demanded wholesale changes to her country' paean to purge it of sexist references.

Mentions of the ""Fatherland", "great sons" and "brotherly choruses" should be replaced by gender-neutral terms such as "homeland" and "joyful chorus", said Maria Rauch-Kallat, whose quest stands a fair chance of success.

No matter that Austria apparently has the only national anthem in Europe written by a woman. "Our national anthem is discriminatory," Frau Rauch-Kallat, of the centre-right People's Party, said.

"The federal hymn should be part of every Austrian's
identity . . . Women’s politics are also the politics of language and of shaping
consciousness." If she gets her way national anthems across Europe could be in
for a shake-up, because all too often they celebrate male heroism hand in hand
with national identity.
Talk about taking things to the extreme.