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Friday, September 30, 2005

Anti-Gun Propaganda

A gun-control group "warns" Britains that new Florida gun laws will endanger tourists.


Talk about a knee-jerk reaction with little or no common sense. This law doesn't effect criminals, who will break the law regardless. What this law does is help law-abiding citizens in court, who still have to prove in front of a grand jury that they acted legally, and gun-owners know that is a roll-of-the-dice.

Correction: The law actually goes into effect tommorrow. I was under the impression it was already active. Nonetheless, I do not think it will cause gun deaths by trigger-happy law-abiding gun owners to shyrocket. Keep in mind that if you shoot someone in self-defense you still have to prove it was self-defense in a court of law. Again, all this does is give the advantage to law-abiding gun owners with the proper concealed-carry permit.